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Filtration and Separation Solutions for Food & Beverage

Optimise filtration process efficiencies, reduce operational disruptions, lower maintenance downtime, improve profits.

Our expertise in delivering filtration solutions has assisted Food & Beverages companies across the globe increase their process efficiencies, reduce maintenance, improve profitability and secure the highest levels of hygiene.

We work closely with companies around the world to deliver filtration solutions that deliver efficient, reliable and profitable filtration processes:


Our experience covers an extensive range of applications including:

Benefits of amafilter® filtration solutions

Filtration solutions that meet the highest hygiene standards

We have been providing filtration solutions to the Food & Beverage industry since the 1930’s, ranging from coarse clarification to sterile filtration, for the removal of microorganisms. Our products are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards ensuring your end product meet your specific requirements.

Improve efficiencies

Our engineered filtration solutions will deliver the efficient removal of contaminants to ensure the production of high quality intermediate/end products that meet your specifications.  Operational efficiencies will ensure your equipment life expectancy is extended whilst lowering maintenance costs. Through automation of our systems we have significantly reduced health and safety risks and reduced operational costs associated with the filtration of bulk liquids in the food and chemical sectors.


Our teams in the field, work in partnership with clients and contractors to support an extensive range of amafilter® systems installed globally. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all amafilter® operating systems work efficiently and are maintained to the required standards for Food & Beverages production.

Engineered liquid filtration solutions

With over 90 years of experience in designing and implementing filtration solutions, our experienced team works closely with our customers to gain a detailed understanding of their challenges and application requirements. Our expertise is supported with testing and laboratory facilities at our facility in Lochem, Holland and ensures our filtration solutions meet our clients’ expectations.

Reduce maintenance and improve costs

Finding the most effective filtration solutions for your filtration application ensures your process operates efficiently keeping maintenance to a minimum, reducing operational disruptions and improving profits.

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