Reference Projects


Sugar & Sweetners

Tereos TTD, Czech

The Amafilter® team is thrilled to be shipping four Cricketfilter® 1800WS automated systems to Tereos TTD in Czech, one of Europe’s leading producers of beet sugar.  Beet sugar production involves several crucial stages to deliver high-quality products. One of these stages is the filtration process, which is applied after obtaining thin juice from sugar beets. Thin juice contains an enormous amount of impurities, including pigments, proteins, and organic acids. Thus, filtration comes as a prerequisite procedure before the next stage of sugar processing, which involves second carbonation and sulphuration. The filtration process removes unwanted impurities and dirt from thin juice, ensuring the production of high purity sugar. 

Edible oils: Vegetable oil

Vandeputte, Belgium

Our Versis® pressure leaf filtration systems have assisted Vandeputte, a leading vegetable oils, soaps and detergents producer in Belgium, with their filtration process for over 20 years. With regular servicing and at times the replacement of the pressure filter leaves, the filter systems continue to operate efficiently, delivering a high product quality with low maintenance interventions, improving the total cost of ownership. 

Grapeseed oil

Villapana, Italy

We were delighted to learn that since the installation of our horizontal pressure filter leaves system, Villapana has more than doubled its production capacity of grapeseed oil, having produced 450 tonnes more grapeseed oil in the last six months than it had for the same period the prior year.  Grapeseed oil has grown in popularity as it is known to provide various health benefits, including helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease.  We are pleased to be contributing to making the world safer, healthier and more productive®.

Sulphuric Acid

Noradic S.A, Chile

With over 90 years expertise in developing filtration solutions for plants around the globe, we were particularly pleased to recently assist Noracid S.A, a sulphuric acid producer, with the commissioning of our horizontal pressure leaf filter system. Our service team worked closely alongside the Noracid team to oversee the successful installation of the Amafilter® horizontal pressure leaf filter system with 27 filter leaves at their plant in Chile. We look forward to continue supporting our customer in this vital application which contributes to providing the world with one of its key natural resources. 



We were pleased to see two of our Versis® pressure filter leaf systems installed at Weishardt, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality pig and fish skin gelatine, fish collagen peptides and texturizing systems for the food & beverages market.  The Versis® pressure filter leaf system is ideal for gelatine applications and we look forward to seeing the new filter systems in operation at the plant, assisting Weishardt to produce high quality products, efficiently and safely.  

Edible oils

Oleificio Zuccchi, Italy

The Amafilter® Versis® pressure leaf filtration system is the perfect filtration solution to filter edible oil efficiently and deliver a high quality product. We are pleased to have supplied Oleificio Zucchi, a family-run artisan business in Italy, with a number of Versis® vertical pressure leaf filter systems. Oleificio Zucchi was founded in 1810, and has grown into a large scale refining plant with a daily production capacity of 1,500,000 litres packaged virgin olive oil and seed oils. A well recognised brand in the food industry, the company prides itself in the high quality of extra virgin olive oil and seed oils it produces, and we are proud to be assisting their production process with our filtration solutions. Click here to find out more about how our expertise can assist your edible oil filtration process: Click here to find out more about Oleificio Zucchi:


Gelita, USA

The Amafilter® team provided high level support through the pre-engineering and installation steps.
Once we were up and running with their state-of-the-art filters, we quickly and effectively reached our targets… and then some!”