Amafilter® – our heritage

Since the 1930’s, and now part of Filtration Group, Amafilter® has been designing and manufacturing solid liquid filtration systems for the food & beverages, chemical and minerals & minerals industries.

Amafilter® Company Overview

1930’s Amafilter®

In the 1930’s, Mr. L. Benjamins started a company based in Amsterdam,in the Netherlands to sell filtration consumables and spare parts. After the end of the second world war in 1945, Mr. L. Benjamins and his son began importing, and soon later manufacturing the “Niagara filters” which they branded as “Amsterdamse Machine- en Apparatenfabriek” (amafilter®). Their main product lines were vertical pressure blades for the Food & beverages industry which they also began exporting globally. Due to its rapid growth, amafilter® expanded its production into a larger facility in Alkmaar, in the Netherlands.

From this new location, amafilter® continued to design and develop new filter systems to add to its product lines.  The amafilter® brand soon built a reputation for quality and technological innovation and became a well established name in the global market for solid-liquid filtration.

1979 LFC-Lochem

In 1979, three employees working at the Machine Factory based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, decided to start their own company to manufacture pressure leaf filters and began trading under the name of “Liquid Filtration Consultants” or “LFC Lochem®”. The company quickly acquired an outstanding reputation as an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that specialized in liquid filtration technology.

Over the years, LFC Lochem® developed a comprehensive range of high quality filtration products suitable for a diverse number of applications and built an excellent reputation in the field of filtration technology and on its ability to quickly respond to specific customer requests.

Amafiltergroup and Mahle

Amafilter® and LFC-Lochem® were acquired by Amafiltergroup alongside other filtration companies including: Eurofiltec (France), Vanpipe (UK), Falban Filtri (Italy) and Nowata (USA). The Amafilter Group BV offered a comprehensive range of consumables and systems for filtration and separation applications. Its services include design, testing, and commissioning. The company specialised in the food and beverage, water, chemical, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, cosmetics, and power generation industries. Its headquarters were in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

In September 30, 2008, Amafilter Group BV was acquired by Mahle Filtersysteme Gmbh. Eight years later, Mahle industrial filtration was acquired by Filtration Group, bringing together best-in-class filtration businesses that are passionate about cleaning air, reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and keeping food, water and medical procedures safe. 

With more than 9000 employees in 27 countries and 165 locations, Filtration Group delivers outstanding customer value to industry leaders across the globe and fosters a culture of breakthrough innovations with dedicated research and development centres and production plants around the globe.