Pressure Leaf Filter Elements

Pressure Leaf Filter Elements

Our product range of Versis® vertical pressure leaf and horizontal pressure leaf filters include an extensive range of filter leaves designs suited for various market sectors, including food and beverages, chemical and sulphur.

The quality and condition of filter leaves can have a significant impact, not only on the productivity of the filtration system but also on its ability to achieve a high performance standard.


Filter leaves are the most important component of every pressure leaf filter and replacing old or damaged leaves with new or rescreened filter leaves will result in an immediate improvement of the overall performance of the filter system.

Amafilter® filter leaves consist of five layers (ply) of stainless steel wire mesh and are measured to a high degree of accuracy, which increases system productivity and filtration efficiency.


Amafilter® pressure filter leaves are manufactured, as a standard, from stainless steel 316L due to their mechanical properties, making them highly resistant to stress corrosion, variances in temperature and extreme pressure changes.

Other alloy materials are available for particularly challenging applications. The design, technology and high craftmanship involved in the production of our filter leaves results in less downtime for maintenance, increased productivity and extension of the filter leaves life span.

Filter Leaves Product Features

  • Suitable for use with vertical pressure leaf filters (such as the Versis™) and horizontal pressure leaf filters
  • Stainless steel 304(L), 316(L), 904L or super duplex. Other alloy materials on request.
  • Available in different mesh types and layer combinations
  • Extensive range of reinforced frame types with riveted, welded or bolted box profiles suited to the application
  • Excellent pre-coating properties
  • High filtration efficiency, filtrate quality and flux rates
  • Double-sided, stainless steel rigid filter leaves
  • Each filter leave consists of five layers (ply) of stainless steel wire mesh
  • Low pressure-drop
  • Suitable for wet (with filter cloth) and dry cake discharge
  • The top layer of the screen can be customized to the application
  • Re-screening or replacement of filter leaves


Our extensive experience in filtration and separation enables us to rebuild and rescreen old and/or damaged filter leaves for almost any make of filter and return them to their original working order.

  • Inspected prior to reassembly
  • Function as new
  • Filter leaves can be rescreened twice
  • Extend the life span of the filter leaves by up to 40%
  • Other make filter leaves can be rescreened
  • Choice of designs and materials are available


We take our responsibility in partnering with our customers seriously and provide a range of services aimed at supporting our customers effectively and assisting them to resolve their filtration challenges.

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