Minerals & Mining Applications

Molten sulphur applications

Sulphur is one of the world’s essential resources and plays an important part in many industrial production processes. Molten sulphur applications require effective filtration solutions to remove impurities such as ash, dust and organic particles.  Without the correct filtration process these impurities can produce a negative impact on the further process, causing severe operational disruptions.

The following main industries use sulphur as part of their process in some way or other:

  • Fertilizer industry
  • Sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid industry
  • Mineral processing industry

Amafilter®’s product range of horizontal pressure leaf filter systems, VC cardtrige and amaCera ceramic filter cartridges are specifically suited for sulphur applications.

The Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter System is also available as an advanced modularized pre-assembled mobile filtration system which can be tailored made to customers specific requirements.

Our sulphur filtration solutions ensure the effective removal of contaminants from the sulphur process, delivering an efficient and reliable process, with minimum maintenance.


We take our responsibility in partnering with our customers seriously and provide a range of services aimed at supporting our customers effectively and assisting them to resolve their filtration challenges.

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