Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Filtration Group have build extensive experience in a variety of applications within the Food & Beverages, chemical and minerals & mining industries and understand that each application has its unique requirements.

Our wide range of filter cartridges provide efficient and cost effective removal of contaminants from solid in a wide range of gas and liquid filtration applications.

The amafilter® amaCera Ceramic PC filter cartridge

The amafilter® amaCera ceramic PC filter cartridge is specially designed for the polishing filtration of liquid sulphur.

Porous ceramic filters are used for solid particulate removal in liquid and gas applications. These rugged porous ceramic cartridges are manufactured by fusing aluminium oxide grains using a porcelain bond to form a strong, uniformly porous and homogeneous structure.


• Temperature resistant to 800 °C (can be limited by the use of gasket or sealing material)
• High corrosion resistant
• Robust mechanical characteristics
• Abrasive resistent
• Absolute filtration rating
• Easy cleanable
• High solid capacity

• Filter medium: aluminum oxide
• Gaskets: silicone, Viton®
• Outer diameter: 60 mm
• Length: see ordering code
• Maximum pressure (forward pressure): 34 bar

• Liquid sulphur
• Solvent
• Hot gas filtration
• Liquid backwash
• Corrosive fluids
• Chemicals
• High temperature process


• The amaCera ceramic PC cartridge is cleanable by a variety of methods, depending on the type of contaminant. Cleaning methods include backwashing, oven firing, solvent cleaning, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.

Jonell Systems offer an extensive range of filter cartridges that provide efficient and cost effective contaminant removal in a wide range of gas and liquid filtration process applications across various industries. Decades of industry experience coupled with Jonell Systems partnership approach to customers has given the company a deep understanding of filtration challenges and needs in the industry.

Global Filter, a brand of Filtration Group, supply an extensive range of filter bags and filter cartridges suitable for food & beverages and chemical applications, including: amaCarb, amaFine, amaGuard, amaLloy, amaPure, amaBond and amaTech filter cartridge ranges.

amaCarb Series

amaFine Series

amaGuard Series

amaLloy Series

amaPure Series

amaBond Series

amaTech Series

Visit Global Filter and find out the model that better fits to your application.

Cartridge Filter Housings

Amafilter® supplies a wide range of liquid cartridge filter housings in different materials, dimensions and models to meet your demands.
Amafilter® liquid cartridge filter housings are designed and buit to deliver quality, functionality and reliability.

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