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Consultancy & Analysis – System Optimisation

Amafilter®’s range of services includes a filtration process review which investigates and analysis plant’s filtration efficiencies. This will ensure your system works to its optimal capabilities at the best possible costs.

Benefits of an optimised system

  • Increase productivity
  • Optimise operational efficiencies
  • Improve the filtration process
  • Reduce downtime
  • Extend life of your equipment
  • Lower operating cost, less maintenance required
  • Meet hygiene standards (Food & Beverages applications)
  • Ensure a safe working environment

The overall effects of an optimised filtration system is a more efficiently operated plant resulting in increased profits.


• A visit to your plant
• Review of your current processes
• Analysis of existing process and identification of any existing issues
• Filtration process optimization opportunities

Process Engineering Package (PEP)

Our Process Engineering Package (PEP) examines your specific filtration process and provides you with an insight into how your process is performing and how it can be optimised.

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