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Cricketfilter® Cloths

Cricketfilter® Cloths

Amafilter® have developed a comprehensive range of filter cloths specifically designed for use with our Cricketfilter® system. The filter cloths range delivers efficient filtration solutions across a variety of applications including Food & Beverages, chemical and minerals & mining.

Our range of drain and top cloths are designed to perform with various liquids at varying temperatures and are perfectly suitable for chemical applications.

Our team of experts will be pleased to assist you select the best suitable cloths for your specific application and ensure optimal process filtration efficiencies.

Drain Cloths Data Sheets


X1X2 – X3X4 .X5X6X7

X1X2 = Material
X3X4 = Cloth Type
X5 = Treatment
X6X7 = Follow up number, starting at 00


We take our responsibility in partnering with our customers seriously and provide a range of services aimed at supporting our customers effectively and assisting them to resolve their filtration challenges.

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