Field Services

Maintenance programmes

Corrective maintenance: Providing filtration remedies to resolve and repair systems problems and/or malfunctions.

Preventive maintenance: Offering pro-active maintenance on filtration systems and accessories to increase reliability, prevent damage and reduce downtime.

Training: Providing on-site maintenance training programmes. Our knowledgable engineers share their valuable experience and ensure your team is trained in filtration techniques that deliver the best possible filtration efficiencies, reduce maintenance and create a safer working environment.

Site Inspections

We carry out site inspections to identify potential issues that could cause serious problems to your system and lead to malfunctions and filtration inefficiencies.


Our extensive experience in filtration and separation enables us to rebuild and re-screen old and/or damaged pressure filter leaves for almost any make of filter and return them to their original working order.

Field Service Support

Amafilter®’s experienced field service team provides customer support globally, resolving filtration problems propmtly which enables your operation to work efficiently and profitably.

Installation & Commissioning

Our service offer includes commissioning a new or rebuild filtration system to achieve optimal filtration. We also provide on-site support during the installation stage, ensuring your plant delivers maximum efficiency with minimal downtime.

Pilot Plant / Rentals

For on-site testing, we have a wide range of mobile test units that can be rented and installed at your production facility, exposing the process to the exact same conditions its final destination.  This ensures your investment is the right product, which will deliver operational efficiency and greater profitability.


We provide an extensive spare parts list for ease of ordering and replacement to ensure we service your plant as efficiently as possible.

We work closely with customers to define their critical spare parts list so downtime is kept to a minimum should a breakdown occur. And to ensure the best possible service, we can discuss the possiblity of keeping spares in stock locally.

Amafilter® Services

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