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Filtration and Separation Solutions for Minerals & Mining

Improve operational efficiencies, reduce maintenance and increase profits.

Amafilter® has over 60 years expertise in supplying the mining & minerals industry with filtration solutions for their molten sulphur applications.  Our team of engineering experts design effective solid liquid filtration solutions that remove solids from molten sulphur and deliver the optimal filtration process for sulphur applications.

Our expertise in delivering filtration solutions have assisted sulphuric acid plants across the globe to increase their process efficiencies, reduce maintenance, improve profitability. They will assist deliver the perfect molten sulphur filtration solutions required for your process.



Our experience covers an extensive range of applications accross the following industries:

Oil refinery

Mineral processing

Benefits of amafilter® filtration solutions

Optimise operational efficiencies

Amafilter® design and engineer liquid sulphur filtration solutions that effectively remove damaging impurities during the filtration process, avoiding not only a negative impact on your process but also reducing significant manufacturing disruptions.

Operational reliability reduces downtime and maintenance interventions which in turn lower your overall operational costs.


Sulphur processing operations face many challenges and dealing with dangerous substances such as sulphuric acid on a daily basis is an on-going recurrence in their operations.  At Amafilter®, safety is paramount when designing filtration solutions for the minerals industry and we leverage our extensive experience to design processes that require the least possible maintenance, creating the safest possible working environments.

Consistent quality and reliability

Our pressure leaf filter systems are designed and engineered to provide manufacturers of sulphuric acid with the most effective solutions to their specific application, with tailor made products when required. Our solutions are engineered to work in complete harmony with your processes and effectively remove all impurities which can prove damaging to your operation, avoiding downtime and costly maintenance and repairs


We take our responsibility in partnering with our customers seriously and provide a range of services aimed at supporting our customers effectively and assisting them to resolve their filtration challenges.

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