Case Studies

Food & Beverage

Amafilter® filtration
solutions increased
rapeseed oil
production capacity
by 50%

Amafilter®’s filtration
solution removed
3-5% contaminants,
delivering a high
quality end product
and a yearly
capacity of 15
million tonnes of
edible oils

The Versis® system filters cold-pressed rapeseed oil to produce renewable fuel and animal feed, driving sustainability and reducing waste

Amafilter® decreased materials cost while maintaining a high quality product

Amafilter® helps Villapana Spa increase production capacity by 150% with the RBDC horizontal pressure leaf filter system

Amafilter® improve throughput and reduce maintenance interventions by up to 45% with the Cricketfilter® System

The Cricketfilter® helps Niche Cocoa decrease downtime while improving product quality

Amafilter® reduced production downtime and increased safety with the Cricketfilter®

The Cricketfilter® automated system significantly improved salt bath filtration efficiency leading to a more profitable operation

Maximising the efficiencies of the Versis® vertical pressure leaf filter system with a dedicated remote access PLC control system

Amafilter® improve efficiency and lower production costs with the Versis® pressure filter system

Amafilter® supply seven Versis® vertical pressure leaf filter system for Yelo’s new rapeseed oil plant

Filtration Group significantly improve the filtration of edible organic oil at Terres du Sud

Chemicals, Mining & Minerals

Amafilter® improved filtrate quality and reduced maintenance interventions and costs with the Cricketfilter®

The amafilter® team joins forces with Asbeter to develop a new affordable and sustainable filtration solution in their process to destroy asbestos

Increasing the production life of sulphuric acid production units from 16 to 24 months

Amafilter® improve the filtration quality and reduce maintenance costs with the Cricketfilter® System

Improving filtration and extraction of fluid impurities using VERSIS Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Renewable Fuel

Supporting sustainability by converting fat from food into renewable fuel with the Cricketfilter®

Upcycling used cooking oil into Biodiesel with the Cricketfilter® filtration system

Amafilter® and Jonell Systems helped to improve Renewable Diesel production