Amafilter®’s filtration solution removed 3-5% contaminants, delivering a high quality end product and a yearly capacity of 15 million tonnes of edible oils


The Challenge

The customer needed to achieve two objectives:

  • Produce a yearly capacity of 15 million tonnes of cold-pressed rapeseed and sunflower oil to meet their growing customer base demand.
  • To deliver their brand promise of supplying high quality gourmet oils, the company needed to filter out 3-5% contaminants and particles from the cold-pressed rapessed and sunflower oils.

As an existing Amafilter® customer, they approached our team of experts for a filtration solution that would meet their filtration process requirements.

The Solution

The Amafilter® team advised the customer that to meet their objectives they would need to install three Versis® pressure leaf filter systems providing 120 m² filter area. The Versis® system is extensively used in edible oils applications and proven to efficiently filter 3-5% undesirable particles from the rapeseed oil while maintaining the quality of the final product.

Furthermore, the Versis® pressure leaf filter system is automated, requiring low maintenance interventions, making it a cost competitive process.

The Results

The installation of the three Versis® pressure leaf filter systems provided the customer with the rapeseed and sunflower oil production capacity they required to meet their growing market demand. They were able to filter the required levels of contaminants from the rapeseed and sunflower oils, providing them with the top quality end product desired for their gourmet edible oil brand.

The Amafilter® filtration solution delivered a high quality end product, ensured an hygienic process and reduced downtime, leading to a more profitable operation.

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