Filtration and Separation Solutions for Chemical Industry

Effective chemical filtration solutions improve operational reliability, increase equipment durability, reduce maintenance downtime and improve profits.

Our expertise in delivering filtration solutions has assisted Chemical companies across the globe increase their process efficiencies, reduce maintenance, improve output and thereby profitability.

Our filtration solutions have assisted customers around the world operate reliable, efficient and safe working environments in a profitable manner


Our experience covers an extensive range of applications including:

Benefits of amafilter® filtration solutions

Effective chemical filtration solutions

Chemicals have a way of damaging and corroding equipment, causing operational disruption and increasing expenditure.  By maximising contaminant removal, your equipment will be better protected leading to lower downtime and greater product durability.

At Amafilter®, we design chemical filtration solutions with this in mind and create processes that deliver efficiencies, operational reliability and keep maintenance interventions to a minimum. This in turns ensure lower operational costs.


Chemical processing operations face many challenges and dealing and managing hazardous substances on a daily basis is an on-going recurrence in their operations.  At Amafilter®, safety is paramount when designing filtration solutions for the chemical industry and we leverage our extensive experience to design processes that require the least possible maintenance, creating the safest possible working environments.

Consistent quality and reliability

Amafilter® products are designed and engineered to provide manufacturers of chemicals with the highest consistency and quality. Our solutions are engineered to work in complete harmony with your processes and deliver the maximum removal of contaminants. Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards and deliver the cleanest product specification required, hence avoiding any costly re-work and improving product yield.

Extending the life of capital equipment

Our engineering team design filtration solutions to capture the highest levels of contaminants, reducing the risk of equipment failure and extending the life of the equipment.  This in turn reduces maintenance frequency, lowers operational downtime and improves profits.

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