Filtration solutions that increased rapeseed oil production capacity by 50%



More than a decade ago, Farrington Oils, a leading producer of cold pressed rapeseed oil, installed the Amafilter® Versis® pressure leaf filter system at their plant, to remove impurities and clarify the oil. The system has proved to be highly effective, filtering 3-5% of undesirable particles and maintaining the quality of the final product.

For the final processing steps Farrington Oils utilises Global Filter’s range of filter bags and cartridges before bottling and/or mixing and bottling for dressings.


Farrington Oils wanted to optimise their automatic system to increase production capacity of their cold pressed rapeseed oil, utilising the existing Versis® pressure filter system.


An Amafilter® service expert visited the Farrington Oils plant with Filterquip to investigate and improve the filtration process.   After optimizing the automatic filtration process, the team achieve a 50% increase in production capacity, improved efficiencies and increased yield. All of this was achieved while reducing energy consumption.

The team also provided in-situ training to the new personnel and reviewed the installation to ensure everything was functioning as it should.

Duncan Farrington commented: “We are extremely pleased with the Amafilter® team and Filterquip’s service and support with the filtration system. The visit was well worthwhile, giving us a chance to have some refresher training for new staff and optimising the system which has brought significant production benefits for our business.”

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