Amafilter® decreased material costs while maintaining a high quality product



A leading sugar producer of free-flowing granulated sugar for the Food & Beverages industry wanted to improve one of the key steps in their filtration process, the pre-coating phase.
Amafilter® were asked to advise on a filtration solution that would deliver the customer’s requirements for sugar cleanliness whilst meeting their turnover production objectives for their new sugar plant.

Having considered the company’s specific needs, the Amafilter® expert team advised the customer to install the Amafilter® Cricketfilter® 1400, a stainless steel automated system with extended-lifetime filter cloths and wet cake discharge.
The Cricketfilter® is a one-step filtration system which delivers pre-coat filtration with low filter aid consumption. It delivers more sugar recovery from the filter cake than other traditional systems and provides clear filtrate, high sugar quality and lower ash content in sugar.
It is ideal for sugar filtration as the Cricketfilter® cloths are available in various pore sizes and materials which reduces and at times eliminates the amount of extra pre-coating needed, making filtration more cost effective. As it is an automated system, the filter cloths don’t need to be changed daily, or even weekly. In fact, in this type of application, the filter cloths can last from 6 to 12 months before being replaced.
The Amafilter® team advised that in order to achieve their production objectives, three Cricketfilters® were required for the new plant.

The customer appointed Amafilter® to deliver three Cricketfilters® for their sugar beet filtration process at the new plant.
With the installation of the Amafilter® Cricketfilter®, the customer benefited from an effective pre-coat step that maintains high quality product whilst bringing down maintenance costs. With filter cloth changes only being required every 6 to 12 months, our customer material costs were reduced, and due to the consistent lifespan, budgeting for and ordering these replacement parts became a simpler and more straightforward process.
Furthermore, as the system is fully automated, manual handling is reduced in comparison to other pulse tube or pressure filter leaf systems, contributing to a safer working environment.

The Cricketfilter® features and benefits:

  • Up to 40% larger filtration area than traditional pulse tube filter systems.
  • Large filtration area within a small footprint.
  • Hermetically closed system and can be fully automated.
  • Suitable for direct cloth filtration or precoat/body-aid filtration.
  • High filtrate quality.
  • The Cricketfilter® is simple to clean. It uses air or gas pulses for cleaning the elements section by section, without requiring a vibrator.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The Cricketfilter® can be used with filter cloths of various pore sizes and materials. This reduces and at times eliminates the amount of extrapre-coating needed.
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