Pressure Filter Leaf Elements

Pressure filter leaves are the heart of every vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filter system.
They are vital to delivering an efficient filtration process, reducing maintenance and improving downtime.

Operating a vertical or horizontal pressure leaf filter system that delivers a high quality product with minimal maintenance intervals is the goal of every profitable operation.

All filter systems require regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance and can become damaged overtime causing process inefficiencies and unexpected operational costs.

Pressure filter leaf elements can become damaged due:

  • The type of product that is being filtered.
  • The manual scraping to clean the elements which varies frequency depending on the product filtered.
  • The lengths of cleaning cycles causing and the various differences in pressure used.
  • Overloading design conditions for solids loading.
  • Not to mention of course that all elements are subject to natural wear and tear overtime.
  • Cake bridging can bend and/or deform the elements.
  • The wrong use of the vibrator system can also damage de pressure leaf filter elements

Amafilter® have been producing vertical and horizontal pressure filter leaves for over 50 years and have built the expertise and knowhow to produce high quality leaves that can perform efficiently in all filtration applications, whether hazardous chemical applications or non-hazardous ones.


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• Suitable for use with vertical pressure leaf filters (such as the Versis) and horizontal pressure leaf filters.
• Stainless steel 304(L), 316(L), 904L or super duplex. Other alloy materials on request.
• Available in different mesh types and layer combinations.
• Extensive range of reinforced frame types with riveted, welded or bolted box profiles suited to the application.
• Excellent pre-coating properties.
• High filtration efficiency, filtrate quality and flux rates.
• Double-sided, stainless steel rigid filter leaves.
• Each filter leave consists of five layers (ply) of stainless steel wire mesh.
• Low pressure-drop.
• Can be used with dry or wet cake discharge.
• For wet and dry cake discharge, it is also possible to use a filter cloth around the elements.

Improving filtration and extraction of fluid impurities using VERSIS Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Filtration Group worked closely with M&I Materials in the UK to significantly improve the efficiency of their pressure filter leaves process, resulting in a 12.5% reduction in batch filtration time.

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