Producing hydrotreated vegetable oil as an end product

With companies worldwide having to reduce their carbon emissions to reach net-zero targets, sustainability and renewable energy are high on most agendas right now.
But the problem most businesses are facing is how and what low-carbon alternatives to switch to.

One such alternative is Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Interested in improving your pre-treatment process for hydrotreated vegetable oil as an end product?

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But before you can produce hydrotreated vegetable oil as an end product, first you need to understand the six-step refining process, which consists of:

1Crude oil filtrationto remove solids and strains following
seed crushing and plastics from animal fat and frying oils
2Dewaxingto remove waxes
3Degummingto remove phospholipids
4Neutralisingto remove free fatty acids
5Bleachingto remove colour
to remove odour

Unsure how or where to start?

Then maybe Amafilter® can help. With over 30 years in providing biofuel filtration solutions to companies across the world, amafilter® technology can be used to pre-treat vegetable oil, UCO and animal fat, removing or decreasing impurities before starting the transesterification or hydrogenation process.

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