Field Services

Field Service Support

Amafilter®’s expert field service team are highly trained and experienced in assisting with any field service support you may require. We provide a global service which means that our engineers are available to visit you onsite, where you need them.

Installation & Commissioning

We provide on-site support during the installation stage of your new or rebuild filtration system ensuring your plant delivers maximum efficiency with minimal downtime from the outset.

Our service offer includes commissioning the new or rebuild filtration system to guarantee an optimal filtration.


For on-site testing, we have a wide range of mobile test units that can be rented and installed at a customer’s site in order to carry out filtration tests directly at the location, exposing the process to the exact same conditions the final installation will be exposed to. 

Site Inspections

We carry out site inspections to explore and investigate any potential issues that may be effecting your system and could lead to malfunctions and filtration inefficiencies.


We can discuss your specific spares requirements and the possibility to keep spares in stock locally.


Our extensive experience in filtration and separation enables us to rebuild and rescreen old and/or damaged filter leaves for almost any make of filter and return them to their original working order.

Maintenance programmes

Once your system is installed, we provide technical assistance on and off site and have a number of maintenance programmes to suit different customer requirements including: 

Amafilter® also offer a native monitoring system to predict and monitor systems conditions that would indicate if service is required outside the normal schedule.

Preventive maintenance

We offer pro-active maintenance on filtration systems and accessories to increase reliability, prevent damage and reduce downtime.

Corrective maintenance

We provide effective filtration remedies to resolve and repair systems problems or malfunctions.

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