Producing hydrotreated vegetable oil as an end product

With companies worldwide having to reduce their carbon emissions to reach net-zero targets, sustainability and renewable energy are high on most agendas right now. But the problem most businesses are facing is how and what low-carbon alternatives to switch to.

One such alternative is HVO.

As the industry moves towards renewable biofuels produced from various biomass sources, Amafilter® and Jonell Systems have come together to manufacture and deliver feed pre-filtration and post filtration for a wide range of biofuel feedstocks and processes.

Renewable diesel is a drop-in replacement and meets ASTM D975 specification for petroleum diesel whereas Biodiesel is a mono-alkyl ester (meets ASTM D6751) and is approved for blending with petroleum diesel. While the process for producing renewable diesel and biodiesel are not the same, both need feed filtration for further processing.

Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuels production plants may be stand-alone or co-located at petroleum refineries and may use a variety of processes ranging from traditional hydrotreating to transesterification. With a wide range of filtration solutions, we work with customers to define the most suitable fit for their plant feed filtration process.

Hydrotreating Pre-filtration

Animal fats are attractive feedstocks for biodiesel because their cost is substantially lower than the cost of vegetable oil, and animal fat feedstocks can be made into high-quality renewable diesel. Waste fat from animal carcasses are removed and then made into an oil using a rendering process. Contaminants need to be removed from this oil to provide clean feedstock for the hydrotreater. This is a highly temperature sensitive process which makes this challenging.

Transesterification Pre-filtration

Impurities must be removed from edible oil and cooking oil before it can be converted into biodiesel. The filtration process initiates with the filter system removing fine particles returning the oil to its pure form and ready for transesterification.

Various applications in Renewable Biofuels

Filter SolutionFilter Location & purposeFilter benefit
1Jonell Systems and Amafilter® basket strainersRemoval of large bone meal particulate or other larger contaminants before entering the sediment tank.Easily remove the large particles from the rendering process.
2Jonell Systems High flow vessels with pleated bag filter housingsRemoval of suspended particulates down to 25 micron after settling in the sediment tank.Bag filters efficiently remove the next level of particulates.
3Amafilter® Cricketfilter® systemRemoval of solid fat & lipids, deodorization and bleaching, polyethylene removal.The particles collect as cake on the filter and can be removed efficiently.
4Jonell Systems High flow cartridge filtersRemoving fine particulates down to 10 micron before the feed enters the hydrotreater or Transesterification process.High flow, high efficiency filtration solution to ensure clean feedstock for the hydrotreater.
5Amafilter® Pressure Leaf Filter SystemRemoval of Haze/sterol particulates down after the feed leaves Hydrotreater or Transesterification process.The particles collect as cake on the filter and can be removed efficiently.
6Jonell Systems High flow cartridge filtersRemoving fine particulates down after the feed leaves the hydrotreater or Transesterification process.High flow, high efficiency polishing filtration solution to ensure clean fuel.

Amafilter®and Jonell Systems renewable biofuels solution advantage

  • Amafilter® and Jonell Systems are part of Filtration Group and offer end to end solutions bringing with them the advantage of sourcing the complete filtration solution from one provider.
  • In addition, because of the vast range of solutions and custom engineering capabilities, we can recommend and implement the right solution for your process.
  • Our solution portfolio includes systems and cartridge based filtration options for a wide range of contaminants from basket strainers, pressure leaf filter systems to high flow solutions.
  • These solutions are field proven and have been in use across oil & gas, petrochemical, Food & Beverages and chemical markets.
  • High performance solutions reduce the number of maintenance interventions, improve plant efficiency, reduce operational costs and deliver optimal product quality.

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